As of August 1st, 2023, there will no longer be requirements for covid vaccinations being needed or masks to be worn in the office. However, if you are feeling ANY symptoms of illness, please wear a mask to protect yourself or others. Thank you!

As of January 2022, GJB Health Services decided to close the building once more from the public in lieu of the rise in Covid-19 variants in the Fox Valley area. This change will remain in effect until August 2022 and will be reassessed at that point.

The change will impact on-site appointments, neuropsychological testing, and electroencephalograms. Referrals will be made out where necessary to continue care. Only medically necessary appointments such as injections will be allowed on-site.

Telehealth treatment will resume for remaining mental health services, psychiatric, and neurological appointments. Our electronic health system has submitted notifications of this update. Please visit the online Patient Portal to see details. Providers will also contact clients directly regarding any necessary changes to confirm the alteration to either virtual or phone sessions. Please be mindful of either voicemails or text messages regarding this change.

Our Support Team as well as the Billing and Accounts Team remain in the office. They exercise numerous safety procedures while on the premise to continue to best serve our community.

Please visit COVID-19 Safety Procedures for more details.