GJB EEG Services

GJB Health Services is excited to announce that Electroencephalographs (EEG) can be serviced to patients in-house!

It has been for some time that EEGs have been able to take place on the GJB premise.

As of Summer 2021, the procedure can now be serviced to the community by GJB providers.

An EEG is a neurological test that monitors and detects any abnormalities in brain waves. The procedure is used to evaluate potential brain disorders including migraine headaches, epileptic or seizure activity, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, brain damage from head injuries, and even sleep disorders. EEG tests are additionally beneficial for patients who perhaps were previously misdiagnosed or improperly medicated. As a result, this diagnostic tool can be largely instrumental for future treatment protocols.

During the procedure, electrodes that consist of small metal discs with thin wires, are attached to a rubber cap that is place on the head. Electrodes have historically been attached directly to the scalp; however, GJB’s equipment has eliminated that necessity making the process far more convenient and user-friendly. The duration of each procedure is dependent on the physician’s orders.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with our on-staff neuropsychiatrist, Gerald Bannasch, MD, to be evaluated to determine if an EEG will be appropriate for you or your child, (920) 560-4525.