Meet the Provider Team

Gloria Jean Bannasch

Founder, Co-Owner, Team Leader of GJB Health Services
  • Master of Education
  • Professional Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • Board Certified Executive Coach
  • Board Certified Telemental Health Provider
  • Certified Gottman Therapist

As Wisconsin’s first Certified Gottman Therapist, working with couples is Gloria’s passion. She also presents workshops designed by the Gottman Institute: The Art and Science of Love for Couples, The Art of Science and Love 2, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, and Bringing Baby Home to better serve the needs of couples. Please visit the following link for more information regarding couples therapy, couples workshops and to register,

Gloria has worked in mental health and alcohol treatment programs in a variety of settings. As a trained interventionist, she helps the friends and family members of alcoholics and addicts to “hit bottom” and get the treatment they need.

In her spare time, Gloria enjoys creating Zentangle inspired art. Many of her pieces are on display in our Appleton office and in the New Client Handbook.

Gloria can be reached directly at,

Gerald J. Bannasch


Gerald Bannasch, MD (“Ban-ish”) is a Fellow of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society and provides both psychiatric and neurological services to his patients. He is board certified in adult neurology, general psychiatry, vascular neurology, behavioral neurology, neuropsychiatry.

“My philosophy for treating patients is to evaluate any medical problems which could be causing or exacerbating potential psychiatric issues. Time-limited medications may be prescribed, along with psychotherapy, and life-style changes to empower patients.”

GJB Health Services is also excited to announce that Dr. Bannasch orders on-site EEG (electroencephalographs) to assist in the neurological care of his patients and any GJB client.

New clients can make appointments with about 2 months wait time.

Doctor Bannasch can be reached directly at,

Ben Cheney


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with authorization to treat alcohol and/or drug abuse and have been in the clinical social work arena since 2001. Working with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma (such as PTSD), mood issues, and relationships are other areas of experience. I am taking clients who are 14+ years of age.

Having worked in a medical emergency room, psychiatric hospital, county services and a sub oxone clinic, has given me experience helping my clients to deal with trauma of many different kinds.

My goal is to help people achieve a better life for themselves and for those around them through a team effort. I use Trauma Informed Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strength Based, and SolutionFocused Therapy.

Continually attending seminars and researching helps me to find new approaches and ideas to help my clients and to give them a solid footing from which to build.

Ben can be reached directly at,

Jillian Rotzenberg


Jillian was the first member of the Support Team at GJB Health Services. After many years of education and seeing clients at GJB Health Service as a Counselor In-Training, Jillian is fully licensed and is accepting teens and adults. Jillian has completed Levels 1 and 2 of Gottman Method Training and has had years of experience working with couples. She also has specialized training in working with clients who struggle with alcohol or other substances.

Clients can expect a holistic and strength-based approach to support their needs when working with Jillian. Insight exploration, cognitive/behavioral techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and behavior modification are frequently utilized. She strives to create a space that allows for exploration, awareness, and growth.

Jillian can be reached directly at

Meet the Support Staff

Jessica K.

Office Manager

Jessica supervises the support staff from the front office to the medical revenue staff. Her goal is to provide excellent customer service to every patient/client and make sure the practice providers have what they need at all times.

Jessica has a long history with GJB. She originally managed insurance information and filed claims. She continues to verify coverage benefits and processes preauthorization for treatment. She continues to bring expertise as an Accounts Receivable Specialist and keeps all accounts current.

Jessica can be reached directly if need be at,

Lucy K.

Front Office Staff

Lucy is responsible for all patient/client needs from completing pre-registration, scheduling appointments, processing requests for records, taking payments, and addressing all phone calls. She works tirelessly to make sure that everything is ready and in working order for patients, clients, and providers.

Lucy can be reached directly at, 

Toni-Marie, "Toni" J.

Billing and Accounts

Toni oversees all insurance information that is processed as well as updates and files claims for each appointment. She assists our Staff Manager with coverage benefits as well as processes preauthorization for appointments and neuropsychological testing.

Toni further brings experience and training as an Accounts Receivable Specialist and her focus is to keep all accounts current.

Toni can be reached directly at, 

Our Furry Companions

Ripley Rae, “Rippy”.

Ripley belongs to one of our LPCs, Jillian. Ripley would love to be a therapy dog, but she finds that her needs come first. She leaves the compassion to other pups so she can attend to her business, squirrels.


As dictated to his assistant, Toni-Marie, Monkey hopes you understand why you may never meet him at the office. As a member of the British Cat Royal Family who was convicted of stalking Red Dot and the Mouse, Monkey would like you to know that he believes in your mental health journey. If all else fails, blame it on the dogs.


Lulu belongs to the owners, Dr. Bannasch and Gloria, LPC. Lou commands every room with her fluff and favors females. She sends her deepest apologies to any strange male she encounters.