Virtual Groups

The COVID-19 global pandemic changed the way we live our lives. The predictable and the normal are no longer luxuries. Almost every adult, parent, college student, teenager, and child can feel powerless due to the challenge to adjust to an ever-changing work or school day.

Remaining socially connected through social distancing can be overwhelming. We are social beings who need each other. The effort to maintain optimal mental health while separated from those we love is a lonely and difficult journey. GJB Health Services understands this.

We are excited to announce the following virtual group therapy will be offered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self-Care and Social Connection through Quarantine

Group members can anticipate:

  • Discussion, exploration, and opportunity to engage with fellow peers impacted by social distancing and isolation.
  • Exposure to numerous wellness practices and direct study of self-care
  • Discuss and process each experience as a group

If interested, please select which group and option that would be most appropriate for yourself or child.

Please call (920) 560-4525 to register or notify Jillian Rotzenberg, LPC @ to:

  • Identify yourself and the person registering for group
  • State the group option that best suits your needs
  • You will receive notifications and updates via email.